Events with Show Must Go On

MAD HEAD for Coca-Cola

Top managers of the Czech-Slovak branch gathered in one place for a strategic planning of the future. Despite the seriousness of such meeting, the entertainment part also had to be involved. As you might have already guessed, MAD HEAD SHOW was chosen as an entertaining program for an hour and a half!

The Coca-Cola logo was everywhere, including moderator's, DJ's, swallows' and game commission's shirts. However, we wanted even more and developed a special design for this game, together with the COCA COLA + MAD HEAD SHOW visual screensaver.

One of the conditions for the HAND MADE game was the use of COCA - COLA branded products, from which we were making ... but what will remain the corporate secret of the company :) We can just tell you that this team-building is a success!

Thank you for your trust and opportunity to make a surprise for the CEO of your company right in the middle of the first round of the game :) We think that her laughter through tears is a good sign! :)

In the end, we would like to rephrase the text of a famous song: Whenever there is fun, there is always Coca-Cola and MAD HEAD SHOW :)