Forensic Doctors Report
Guide To fingerprint analysis
We have found fingerprints on the floor and victim's body. We didn't have enough time to make full fingerprint analysis, but we already know that some of them belonged to Patrick Green and Richard Fox. We ask you to make fingerprint analysis with last found fingerprint.

After you receive the result, you need to compare this fingerprint with those of our suspects (on this page below). This way you will get another fingerprint that was found on the floor and on the victim's body. Make the appropriate conclusions and give us the final answer.

You will find short guide to fingerprint analysis on this video.

Points Based System
Round 3: If the names of the suspect (suspects) is/are guessed correctly - 10 points + from 1 to 5 extra points for a further more detailed explanation.

*If a correct answer includes 2 or more suspects, it is necessary to mention all of them. Partially correct answers will earn points according to their proportional relationship to the point system.

In case you have mentioned the name of an incorrect suspect with the correct names, then points will be taken away (1 incorrect suspect = minus 4 points)