We are a company that facilitates and delivers unique entertainment programs for your special events whether they are corporate, teambuilding, birthday celebrations or private parties.
In creating our programs, we focus on utilizing modern technology, as well as our hands-on experiences in the European event industry and finding ad-hoc and bespoke, creative solutions for your special occasion.

Show Must Go On

A fun teambuilding game to compete against others in a range of challenging activities.
Psychological team game with a detective theme.
A fun teambuilding game to compete against others in a range of challenging activities.
A fun team game inspired by TV shows such as Mazes and the AZ Quiz.
Psychological team game with a detective theme.
Psychological team game with a detective theme.
Online Mad Head Show
Online Detective
Mad Head Show
Push & Play
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Removes barriers that inhibit cooperation and effective teamwork
Helps to leadership talents and other useful skills
Strengthens the bonds and working relationship in any team
Builds deeper trust
Develops abilities to resolve tricky problems
Allows colleagues to engage in a novel, non-work context
Six benefits of teambuilding as a company exercise:
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"Harry Potter" themed team building
Together with the Czech Harry Potter fan club, we organized a game for the fans of this famous character.

A group of authors created special questions for all rounds, a designer also prepared the appropriate design of the game, in which a familiar, to all fans, font was used.

Many of the players came to the game in costumes, which earned them additional points and permission to use their magic wands in the final round. By the way, it was the round "Quidditch"! And in this case, it is better to look at the photos than to tell how everything went :)


A company party for Coca-Cola – that's a really big deal! Top managers of the Czech-Slovak branch gathered in one place for a strategic planning of the future. Despite the seriousness of such meeting, the entertainment part also had to be involved. As you might have already guessed, MAD HEAD SHOW was chosen as an entertaining program for an hour and a half!

The Coca-Cola logo was everywhere, including moderator's, DJ's, swallows' and game commission's shirts. However, we wanted even more and developed a special design for this game, together with the COCA COLA + MAD HEAD SHOW visual screensaver.

One of the conditions for the HAND MADE game was the use of COCA - COLA branded products, from which we were making ... but what will remain the corporate secret of the company :) We can just tell you that this team-building is a success!

Thank you for your trust and opportunity to make a surprise for the CEO of your company right in the middle of the first round of the game :) We think that her laughter through tears is a good sign! :)

In the end, we would like to rephrase the text of a famous song: Whenever there is fun, there is always Coca-Cola and MAD HEAD SHOW :)


CrossFit Meat Factory - 1 year!
There is an opinion that "meatheads" are stupid. The guys from CrossFit Meat Factory decided to break this stereotype and ordered one of MAD HEAD SHOW program for their birthday. Did it work out? Of course!

Athletes are very betting people! That is why, this company party was held in an atmosphere of competition. No harm done :)

After the game, members of the CrossFit Meat Factory were awarded with medals and continued their own program but that's another story… As for us, we completed our task - held team building, raised the mood and left people to continue their celebration.

Do not forget that the brain is also a muscle that needs to be pumped :)

May the force be with you!

Best regards,