The Mad Head Show team game is a competition quiz in which teams use logic, intuition, but also a sense of humor to answer questions.

up to 300 players
Czech and English
1,5 - 3 hours
MAD HEAD SHOW is a wonderful team-building opportunity where groups of people can compete using their knowledge, abilities, and technical process in various rounds of contest that will measure audio, visual, and even textual skills in the real environment and in the virtual interactive realm.
We can taylor a bespoke experience just for you and your group. It is not a mere quiz game, it is a combination of themes that will put a wide range of skills to the test.

The Mad Head Show is also available online!
Players are divided into teams of 4 - 8 people, everyone participates in the game.
You do not need any special knowledge to answer the questions
Players have a time limit of one minute to answer the question. They write their answer on a prepared answer card and submit it.
The game consists of 4-6
(a warm-up mix, a visual section, music & film, intuition)
An essential part of the game is good humor based on the moderator's interactions and dialogue with the players
An integral part of the game is a professional host and DJ-sound engineer.The moderator always reads the question first (questions also appear via projection). Teams then answer questions at the same time.
For organizer
Customize of the game
Good to know
What do I have to do as an organizer?
1. Choose date and time of the game,
2. Divide players into teams and send us team names one day before the game.
Minor modifications (implementing your logo and your director's photo in one of the questions) are free of charge.
Additional adjustments are charged.
Themed programs available at no additional supplement: Christmas, Halloween, St. Valentine's Day and Harry Potter.
The main goal is to have fun! Therefore, if you don't know the right answer, invent a funny one.
That's one of the basic game rules.
The game is recommended as a full teambuilding program or as a focal part of your informal corporate event.
We don't force anyone into interactions, everything is voluntary.
Additionally: Detailed information about the program on one A4.pdf will always be at hand
Themed programs available at no additional supplement: Christmas,
Halloween, St. Valentine's Day, Harry Potter, Cinema
We organised the teambuilding event in January 2020 and I have to say, I haven't received so much positive feedback after an activity event the way I did after we completed the Madhead game. The whole experience was well organised and hats off to the staff from Madhead for executing such a successful event.
Paul Francois Cossa, General Manager of CHC & Country Chair in SANOFI
Have a safe, fun, without borders team building
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