THE MAD HEAD SHOW is a wonderful team-building opportunity where groups of people can compete using their knowledge, abilities, and technical process in various rounds of contest that will measure audio, visual, and even textual skills in the real environment and in the virtual interactive realm. We can taylor a bespoke experience just for you and your group. THE MAD HEAD SHOW is not a mere quiz game, it is a combination of themes that will put a wide range of skills to the test.
The Mad Head Show is also available online!
ONLINE team-building Mad Head Show
How does it work?


Players are divided into teams of 4 - 8 people, everyone participates in the game.
You do not need any special knowledge to answer the questions
Players have a time limit of one minute to answer the question. They write their answer on a prepared answer card and submit it.
Mad Head Show is a game where teams compete against each other in different rounds of competition.
An essential part of the game is good humor based on the moderator's interactions and dialogue with the players
The moderator always reads the question first (questions also appear via projection). Teams then answer questions at the same time.
How your Mad Head Show event will progress:
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