Push & Play is a fun team game based on well-known TV shows, such as "Family Fortunes" and "AZ Kvíz". The play is for those who have a long-held desire to participate in a TV show but have never really had the opportunity to do so. Dynamic questions and tasks, visual or audio demonstrations… just be faster and be brave……Push & Play!
How does it work?


There are always 2 teams competing against each other. You can divide the players into teams by yourself, or entrust it to our moderator
In total, we can entertain 4-6 teams of 4-7 actively involved players for 2 hours
This is a dynamic program over several rounds with breaks
Teams answer questions at the assigned place, ans as 1 round can last only 5 minutes, so teams take turns very quickly.
How your Push & Play event will progress:
An essential part of the game is humor based on the moderator's interactions and dialogue with the players.
However, the game is also fun for the spectators, for guests who do not directly participate in the game
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